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Stick a Tile Basecoat

STICK a TILE BASECOAT is a specially formulated cement-based product designed for surface preparation when combined with STICK a TILE KEY before tiling commences with a STICK a TILE cementitious tile adhesive.

It is very effective for priming of various cementitious substrate types.

STICK a TILE BASECOAT is available in 20kg bags.


Stick a Tile Floor Screed


STICK a TILE FLOOR SCREED is a high strength, rapid setting, shrinkage compensated flooring compound formulated for rectifying and smoothing imperfections in floor surfaces. It is designed to produce a smooth, hard wearing surface suitable for fixing all floor coverings.

When mixed with STICK a TILE KEY it is also suitable for use as a protective barrier over under tile heating elements.

STICK a TILE FLOOR SCREED is available in 20kg bags


Afrisam Plaster Pro

AfriSam Plaster Pro is a single-step plaster solution that saves you time and money on every build while providing a spectacular finish.
Simply mix Plaster Pro with water, no other materials needed!

It’s simpler and quicker than any traditional plaster process.

A professional finish whether you’re plastering or patching.

Versatile enough for any surface and durable enough to last.